How to choose a stove for your home

Choosing a kitchen stove will not be difficult for those who have already read our guides "how to choose a cooktop" and "how to choose an oven". After all, at its core, a kitchen stove is a combined device that combines a cooktop and an oven, and therefore-when choosing it, you need to follow the same criteria. Even the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions will be similar.
Let's take a look at the plates presented on the modern market and understand what they are similar in, and what, on the contrary, differ.

The choice between a stove and two independent appliances (a hob and an oven) is usually determined by the configuration of the kitchen (or the room that replaces it) and the personal preferences of the user (the cook).
A free-standing stove is easy to install: it is enough to put it in a prepared place and connect it to an energy source (with a special gas hose to the gas pipe and / or an electrical wire to the outlet). The electric stove will require a separate wire that allows connection of high-power devices and a separate automatic machine in the electrical panel. For a gas stove with an electric ignition, a conventional outlet may be enough: it will not create much load on the electric network. The main thing here is not to forget about grounding.

A free-standing stove can easily fit into any kitchen: unlike built-in appliances, it does not require careful installation (for example, cutting holes of the appropriate size in the countertop). On the other hand, you will have to accept the fact that the dimensions of the plate (if we are not talking about special models) will be standard: 50 or 60 centimeters wide, the same depth and 85 centimeters high. The maximum that the manufacturer will allow you to do here is to level the plate using adjustable legs or supports. There are, of course, slabs that significantly exceed these dimensions, but in most cases we are talking about professional or" design " solutions.
Let's not forget about the price: stove, usually cheaper than a set of hob and oven, hence it will be considered primarily on a limited budget or in case when the plate is purchased for occasional use (e.g. holiday house).

Gas or electricity

The choice between a gas and electric stove is usually determined by the presence (or absence) of a gas pipeline in an apartment or house. In most cases, if there is gas, choose a gas stove: it will be cheaper both in price and in everyday use, although it may somewhat restrict the user in terms of "smart" functions: electric stoves have gone much further in such nuances as accurate temperature control or smart control with the ability to run programs. Do not forget that gas stoves are considered more fire-dangerous (this issue is especially relevant if there are small children or people with limited opportunities in the house).

However, modern gas stoves often combine the functions of a gas and electric appliance: without electricity, such functions as automatic ignition or lighting in the oven will not work, more advanced models can be found with an electric grill and a fan for convection.

Finally, there are combined stoves that combine, for example, gas and electric burners. Or, say, gas burners and an electric oven. Such solutions may appeal to those who prefer a certain way of cooking products or simply fear that in case of interruptions in the supply of gas or electricity will not be able to prepare the dish on time.

We have already said a few words about the dimensions of modern stoves: for a standard 4-burner stove, they will be 50 or 60 centimeters wide, 50-60 centimeters deep and 85-90 centimeters high. The dimensions of the cooking surface, thus, will be 50×50, 50×60 or 60×60 cm. These dimensions allow you to easily install the device in almost any kitchen.
Increasing the size of the plate is usually associated with an increase in the number of burners: when choosing a five-burner plate, the width is likely to increase to 80-90 centimeters, and if you stop the choice on a plate with 7 burners, its width can reach 120 centimeters. In such plates, you can often find an additional (second) electrodouhovku. For 6-ring stoves, an oven of an increased size is more common (115 liters compared to 50-60 liters for a conventional 4-ring stove), which allows you to prepare large dishes (for example, bake large pieces of meat entirely). It is obvious that such solutions are in demand primarily among professional chefs and culinary enthusiasts. If you are not sure whether you need an oven of an increased size, then most likely you do not need it.

The number of burners determines how many dishes can be cooked on your stove at the same time. And their type depends on the intensity of heating and the maximum size of the dishes that will be comfortable to use with the stove. Traditional models of gas stoves have 4 burners, of which one is a high — power burner, two are medium — power, and the remaining one is low-power. However, this solution is not an absolute standard: in modern gas stoves, you can find a super-fast cooking ring that has several fire rings. This burner is useful in situations where fast processing of products at high temperature is required. Other stoves have oval, square, and even triangular burners, which allows you to experiment with non-standard dishes (ladles, ducklings, etc.).

Combined stoves that run on both gas and electricity usually have one or two electric burners and, respectively, three or two gas burners. The choice is left to the user: he will have to decide how often he is going to use the electric burners, and based on this make a decision. You will have to upset fans of induction burners: they can only be found at fully electric stoves. In electric stoves, the simplest burners are made in the form of well-known cast-iron "pancakes".

More modern plates have a heating element in the form of a spiral, which is hidden under the glass-ceramic surface. The most modern induction heating, although it will cost much more, but will allow you to save "on a long distance", because it has the best efficiency. However, before buying a stove with induction burners, you will have to make sure that your dishes are made of magnetic alloys.